Club Training

Club Training takes place several times a month on a Saturday afternoon (2 – 5PM). Where possible we also put run additional sessions on Sundays. Each week tends to have its own topic but it depends how many people attend. Training includes but is not limited to the following:

Competent Crewing – Good for those who havent sailed before and want to get a float but with an experienced member at the helm.

Basic Boat Handing – Get to grips with the boat whilst accompanied with a safety boat.

Sailing Theory – Why we do things in a certain way and how does it all work. Its not all magic!

Boat Tuning – Get the most out of the rig and learn how to control the power in the sail. Find out how weight and balance affects the boats performance.

Seamanship – Come alongside jettys and marks. Pick up man-over-boards. Sail without centreboards and rudders.

Starting Races – Time and distance exercises to ensure you have the best start. If you dont win the start you wont win the race.

Racing Tactics – Boat on boat tactics as well as mark roundings and other

Racing Theory – Course bias, boat on boat tactics and rules sessions.

Club members use their own boats or are able to use club boats depending on availability. Get involved with club training and find out more by contacting the Sailing Captain.