A happy New Year to all our Yachties (Sea and Road)! It’s February and we are already thinking about all the exciting places we could visit together this year. In one respect this year is no different for me. With actual sailing still safely at least three months away, destinations are more exotic – France, Netherlands, The Baltic! But as we get closer to April and May reality starts to assert itself and Titchmarsh and Brightlinsea gradually become more attractive.

Thank you to those who came to the meeting last Wednesday to discuss the way forward for the Cruising Group. As some of you will know, in the absence of anyone else desperate for the distinction of heading our illustrious group, Linz and I have agreed to carry on running the cruising programme for another season!
Here is an outline programme and you will see that we have identified the Long Distance Cruise as ‘open to a Guest Organiser’. We would welcome offers from anyone who would be willing to take on the organisation of this cruise, including booking berths/moorings and arranging meals. The destinations are only suggestions and Guest Organisers would be free to suggest their own.
Ron and Wendy on Estuary Pilgrim are visiting the Channel Islands and are happy to rendezvous with anyone who might consider a cruise across the channel in June/July.
At a more local level it was felt that impromptu cruises, for example to The Rocks for a picnic, would be popular and anyone thinking of arranging one could post it on the Whats App group.
A Yachties Fish and Chip Supper has been arranged for (Good) Friday 7 April (thanks Colin!).
The first cruise of the season to Woodbridge Tide Mill has been arranged for 6 May, with berthing overnight at the Yacht Harbour and a meal at the Red Lion.

Happy Cruising

Steve and Linz



Last Years Programme



A nice quiet sail to Woodbridge is always a welcome start to the season, and so it was this year with four boats making the trip up the Deben at the end of April.

Not everyone is in the water by then. We re-acquainted ourselves with one of the many impediments to sailing – marina berthing, rendered more interesting by arriving before there is enough water to cross the cill lurking just below the surface.

The sailors were joined by a good number of land cruisers for a friendly meal and get together at the Red Lion in the evening.

Boats: Sealarc, Nakita, Redshank and Anna Marie, and several Road Sailors!


The first crossing of the newly marked Deben bar is always good for discussion and speculation. And this year we had a new buoy!

Four boats made the trip, in the rain, down the coast to the Walton Backwaters and Titchmarsh Marina. We were all guests of the Walton and Frinton Yacht Club for an evening meal.  We were made very welcome by the club and had a really enjoyable evening. Conditions for the return trip on the Sunday were perfect.
Boats: Nakita, Waratah, Zara, and Sea Huntress


Zara spent the weekend at Orford whilst Sea Huntress and Ocean Dancer spent the night at Waldringfield.  Meeting up for dinner at the Maybush. It was a rather cold, cheerless mid-June weekend and although we started the evening outside it wasn’t long before we moved to the comfort of an inside table. Some of us spent a noisy wet night on moorings with a thunderstorm apparently centred on Waldringfield.


Once again John Ranson organised a week at St Katherine Dock  right next to Tower Bridge.  Five  boats  left  Suffolk Yacht Harbour early on the Thursday morning to take the flood tide down the coast. We were all at Queenborough by lunchtime and in time for a swift half at The House at Home. Taking the flood up the Thames next morning we locked in to St Katherine Dock mid afternoon.  It just so happened that we were in London during the week when the city recorded its highest ever temperature. We almost visited Hampton Court…..

Boats: Nakita, Waratah, Zara, Shenanigans, Pentoma.


The Ipswich Cruise is a satisfying combination of sea and river with a good chance you will be able to sail some of it! And so it was this time. Crossing the bar at half tide means you arrive at Ipswich around high water with a good chance of catching free-flow through the lock, thus avoiding all the embarrassing messing around inside the lock and the jockeying for pole position on exiting.

A good showing of eleven boats berthed at the Haven Marina and we all headed to the Admiral Lord Nelson for an excellent evening meal and good company.

Boats: Nakita, Waratah, Zara, Shenanigans, Pentoma, Evanda, Manatee, Sun Lord, Estuary Pilgrim, Hobby Horse, Redshank


A late season Cruising Group social and evening meal, and hosting visiting ‘Leggies’ otherwise known as Legend Owners Association. They sailed to the Deben, played on the Horse Sand and then joined us in the club in the evening for a meal and entertainment. The entertainment consisted of the Leggies performing ‘Ditties’ which seemed to cover a multitude of performances from a young family singing and miming, to an older member telling a thinly disguised golfing joke. Everyone agreed it was something to repeat next year. Our thanks to Katie and her staff for an excellent meal.


Final Cruise of the season to Tidemill Yacht Haven and meal at Red Lion.


Members sailed individually outside of the organised programme.

Sealarc to Channel Isles, France and Netherlands
Sea Huntress and Ocean Dancer to Netherlands
Evanda and Isla to Netherlands


New members wishing to join our cruises are very welcome. Come along to the club, have a drink or meal. If you’re new to the club or new to sailing Cruising in Company is a great introduction to sailing around Felixstowe and our particular stretch of the east coast. For more information contact Steve Ferrar at steve.ferrar@me.com

Steve and Lindsay Ferrar