Virtual Sailing – Join us for racing online!


Felixstowe Ferry Sailing Club is now holding virtual racing in the Virtual Regatta Inshore online game. The RYA have organised VIP passes with the game developers to allow us to host races. Club members are invited to join the WhatsApp group where race starts are communicated. We will be running a series and looking to submit the best club player to the RYA eSailing Regional Finals.

Joining in the fun in simple. These instructions are for PC however the game is also available in the android and apple store. Additional guidance is available in the RYA eSailing Guide.

Playing the Game

  1. Go to the Virtual Regatta Inshore online game.
  2. Create an account
  3. Complete “Sailing School” to understand the game mechanics.
  4. Join some races and get some practice in.

Joining the WhatsApp Group

  1. Join the WhatsApp group by contacting Sam Walker at You will be sent a link but we may need your mobile number if the link doesnt work.
  2. Adhoc practice race times will be communicated in the WhatsApp group.

Joining FFSC Races

  1. From the main Screen, Click “Custom Race”
  2. Click on the padlock arrow button at the bottom.
  3. Enter the password “ffsc1” – may change as communicated in the WhatsApp group.

FFSC Race Series

  1. Races will be run when scheduled in the club calendar, with the first start at 20:00. 
  2. There will be four races run back to back over four classes (Course – Class – Location)
    1. Upwind Medium – Laser – Aarhus
    2. Upwind Medium – Offshore Racer – Aarhus
    3. Upwind Long – 49er – Aarhus
    4. Upwind Long – F18 – Aarhus
  3. Courses will be adjusted to boat speed to keep races at similar lengths of time.
  4. Of the four races completed the worst result will be discarded.
  5. Races take on average between 5-10 minutes to complete. 
  6. The races will be run under the rules of Virtual Regatta with their penalty system.
  7. There will be NO protest system/jury.

Additional Notes

  • At times Virtual Regatta can be unstable with issues joining races and controlling the boat while racing. This is beyond our control, it will just have to be accepted. To avoid this we recommend playing on a PC with a fast and stable internet connection. This is superior to the android or apple app versions of the game.
  • Anyone who misses or does not compete in a race will receive a score of +1 to the number of competitors in that race.    






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