Summer series…


Well done to Mark and Will winners of last weeks summer series race 2 and Simon and Matt monohull winners. A really top drawer sail against a hard ebb tide but with a decent 15 knot breeze cracking conditions for all. Bring on summer!
results: summer series

The Cat open is on 31st July – 1st August, please can members move trailers from the end of the car park, these will be moved to the beach if members don’t claim and move them, thanks in advance. If you want to hire a dart 16 for the nationals…email:

And finally, is a squib a dinghy? Doesn’t matter! Squib East Coast Championships were held last weekend and club members well Andrew Moore and Peter Hallinan winning race 3 wasn’t enough to raise them onto the podium, ending up with the ‘leather’ medal at the squib east coast champs at the Royal Suffolk and Norfolk Yacht Club.