December 1975 Club newsletter


Although we are now immersed in the depths of winter spending most of our evenings around the fireside, it is, and I think you will agree, very pleasant to spend a few moments gazing into the flames letting the mind drift back to the Summer of ‘75

Yes it really was one of the finest summers in living memory, with the North Sea looking like the Mediterranean, blue skies virtually every day, Tolly Cobbold ales gurgling down throats deep into the night, George smiling (yes really). Ah! what a summer it was. Throw another Fireball on the fire while I reminisce some more

What happened in the fleets? you may ask, not much is the answer. Really and truly, it was the season of the yachts, the season when Smoothie Ballam won the Mercator Trophy and the Deben Week honours, the season when Trapper Johnwon the Deben offshore series and of course the season when everybody went across the water. I must remember to get some yellow oilies and rubber booties for next season

Success in the other fleets? Well the 5-0-5 Nationals had days when the wind blew, days when it sucked and other days when it went round corners. Phil Milanes did well, Max Evans sailed in another World, Jed Coles went home, Pam White ran out of cigarettes, Chris Arnold played billiards and Dave White had a Dinner Dance every night in the Dormobile!

Nationally only the fireflies have something to shout about (and we all know they dont need much encouragement) with honours going to Mike Brown and also to Andrew Moore, for his creditable performance. Rumours that Tractor Wilson is entering the Bloodstock business next season are as yet unconfirmed

On the Club, scene the fireballs seem to be gathering strength (must buy some bigger clothes pegs) under the capable leadership of Mike Pullford as do the single handers, whilst the scorpions and Mirrors seem to be falling away. What did happen to the Flying Fifteens

Team racing this year did not enjoy the success of previous years, but places in the RYA finals and Pitsford semi finals, are still quite an achievement. Congratulations to all those involved

News of the crews on the Olympic scene changes by the day, but at present the Ferry men are preparing for the final run into W.0.W. Week

Whats next? Ah yes, club development. Thanks are very much in order to Bridget Gosling and to Jerry and Josie Hall for their gallant efforts in raising money for the Club. Both events proved, if only to me, that there is life in the Club and if we really try there is no reason at all why, the next laying up supper shouldnt be in our own Club House

Looking to the future, for the brave, we have our very own Winter Series, for novice alcoholics we have extra training sessions on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings and of course the Ferry ski teams will once more show a leg and demonstrate the finer points of skiing, to an astonished world. Well whats left? Only one thing I think and that is to thank all those people who served on all the various committees last year not forgetting our two permanent helpers George Versey and George Hockley, and to wish the best of luck to all the people who have given their services for coming year


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