Early Summer Race 2

Early summer race 2, 19 boats!
This week’s RO Will set a course of
A strong ebb tide and a downwind start see the fleet hustling in by the club, Simon and Matt in the RS400 at the leeward end controlling the fleet. As the seconds ticked down Simon and Matt luffed Paddy in the laser fleet who asked Tim for room. Not enough was given, this meant Paddy and Tim had to do penalty turns.
As the gun went Simon and Matt led the fleet, closely followed by Roger and Isaac in the RS400. The lark team of John Fisk and Jordan Eaton also made a tidy start, but lost out a little in the tide.
By the time Paddy and Tim had completed their penalty turns they had caught back up thanks to the fleet being sucked into the tide.
Roger and Isaac were catching up Simon and Matt who were making for the Felixstowe shore. Chris Coe in the RS100 was showing a bit of pace downwind and was catching up the lead RS400s.
As the leaders approached oystercatcher, Simon and Matt decided on an extra gybe to hug the Felixstowe shore until they could lay the mark, Roger and Isaac gybed first and Chris followed.
This turned out to be the losing move for Roger and Isaac as Simon and Matt stayed out of the tide and gained a healthy lead at the mark.
Tim and Paddy were locked in a battle for first laser, only disrupted by Chris losing his mojo in the RS100 and swim testing again.
The positions stayed like this as the wind filled in to a steady 15 knots, Simon and Matt leading the fleet home, Roger and Isaac next. Then came Paddy Vs Tim, Paddy a junior who has come through the youth scheme showing Tim, a grand master, a fine touch of speed. On the line they couldn’t be separated, a dead heat!
Simon and Matt won on handicap by just 5 seconds from the co joined lasers.
This season has seen some of the closest finishes we’ve ever had at FFSC, and some of the best sailing!

Dinghy Cruise / Sailing in Company

On the 26th June there’s a dinghy cruise, please join the WhatsApp group for updates on this and sailing in company, or email sailing@ffsc.co.uk.


There are 41 students who have actually sailed with Youth Sailing so far this year (we started on 24th April), but there are another 10 or so on the waiting list of whom 6 have already completed membership forms. We also have 29 adults signed up and active so a grand total of 70 people participating. We’re currently averaging 30 students and 21 adults per session, so almost back to pre-covid numbers. We are always interested in adult volunteers joining us, so feel free to drop by on a Saturday morning to find out what we do.

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