Racing Report Late Spring Series Race 4

Racing Report
Late Spring Series Race 4

With the Bollinger ’69 chilled the weather gods provided, 10 – 15 knots, 22 degrees, blue skies. the stage was set for the finale of the late spring series, would Grand master John Daniels take the series from Matt Ambrose? Could Ian and Paul snaffle the Multi series from Sam and Lu in the multihulls?

RO Roger Lewis set a course of:
Oystercatcher (P)
Kingsfleet (P)
Quay (S)
2 laps.

As the fleet launched and waited for the flags, Grand master Max Evans decided that with 22degrees air temperature this would be the week he would test the water at the ferry (better but still a surprise!) a moments distraction causing Max to slip away with the tide at  5 mins to gun! The fleet lined up, with Max out of the gaggle of Lasers Tim O’ Leary took up the chief Grand master position, holding a great place in by the clubhouse, Simon Scammell & Matt Read borrowing an RS400 after ‘the back fell off’ the merlin rocket last week (hence no report) tucked up to windward and on the quarter of Tim. the youngest sailor in the fleet Paddy Moriarty in the Laser radial just to Leeward and astern of Tim O.
At the gun Simon & Matt had the speed on and climbed over Tim, Paddy was forced to tack after a bit of wind shadow from Tim. Simon & Matt led Tim round the jetty, closely followed by Paddy. Mike Hill and John Daniels a just behind.
As the fleet hit the moorings they could crack sheets a little, this allowed Simon & Matt to stretch their legs aboard the RS400, chased by Tim with Paddy keeping up with Tim on the fetch to Oystercatcher. Turning the mark first Simon & Matt hoisted the kite for a quick blast to kingsfleet, the sun blazing, sailing doesn’t get much better than this. Tim was next, then Paddy still keeping Tim firmly in his sights. the rest of the fleet rounded with Chris in his RS100 getting in the melee hoisting and then checking the water temperature at Oystercatcher.
At Kingsfleet the choice was Bawdsey side or Felixstowe side, Bawdsey for more tide and maybe less wind. Simon & Matt choose Bawdsey side. at this point Simon decided to take a few photos (sorry Chris!) this led to Matt having to raise his voice at Simon as they clobbered a mooring, pinging the rudder up. Was this another “the back fell off moment”? No, luckily a quick recovery had them back on their way. Tim and Paddy (still determined to beat the Grand master!) also choose the Bawdsey side. The rest of the lasers split between the two sides, John Daniels, Max Evans, Mike Hill choosing the Felixstowe side.
Closing in on Quay Simon & Matt knew the wind died veered under the shadow of the cottages on Bawdsey they hoisted the kite for the last 100m to Quay, hoping the extra ooomph would help with the handicap results. Tim O rounded next still being hounded by Paddy.
The second lap, followed the same as the first, Simon & Matt trying to eek as much out to get the handicap win, Paddy hiking like Ainslie trying to get past Tim O.
At Quay for the last time Simon and Matt did 2 extra gybes to the line, Tim was still fending off Paddy in the radial. By the time the RS had made it to shore it looked like young Paddy was going to be the champagne sailor only a few metres back from Tim, would he take the handicap win? Dang it’s close (it’s about as close as you can get!) and to find out you’ll have to check the results page 😀
1st on the water Simon & Matt
2nd Tim O” Leary
3rd Paddy Moriarty
1st swimmer Max Evans
Best Capsize Chris Coe

you may have noticed that this correspondent races in the mono’s so if any of you Multi sailors want to send me some words or info then that would be great.
I can say that as the RS came up to Quay three of the Dart 18’s had made a break Paul & Ian and Dan & Beth with Sam & Lu all flying to Oystercatcher, the series leaders going head to head in a winner takes all, Chris Jones sailing 3 up on a Dart 16 was keeping up with the sprint 15’s and Ed Swain & Paige Flower taking the vintage Felixstowe flyer for spin.
Ian & Paul held off Dan & Beth for the race and series win, Sam & Lu came in third, Donald Sloan was first sprint 15.

Full results are here:


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