Riverside Refurbishment


The classroom otherwise known as “Riverside” adjacent has stood the test of time. Following the floods several years ago the frame and floor remains solid but the walls and general aesthetics had really suffered. It hasnt been feasible to replace the building as any new building will require additional permissions along with the issue of not being able to get grants unless the land is owned.

The time finally came for time to be spent on the building. First off two weekends were spent painting the inside. First clearing out two skips worth of old kit and then cleaning it all before finally applying two coats of white.

Paint dried items were moved back inside and a desk, filing cabinets and chair were donated which will form the basis of the office for the new training centre.


A third weekend saw decaying walls reinforced front and back and the entire exterior painted inside and out. New stairs were built and the old door replaced with a new one. A great thanks to all those who participated in three weekends of work to get it to its current state. Its looking great and we hope it will last for many more years until a new structure can be built in its place.





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