Dart 16 Training Session – 17/09/16

We had originally planned to take two Dart 16’s, but with 6 youth sailors, and 7 adults, we decided to take the three club boats, and joined by a privately owned club members boat.
As normal, we started with the basics of trapezing, for those who had not ever experienced this skill. Then it was rigging all four boats, and we launched off the beach in front of the club.
img_0380The very strong ebb tide took us to sea quickly, and we headed for the dip, the winds were perhaps stronger than we anticipated, so one or two reefed down, to make the sailing more comfortable.
Then it was off, four Dart 16’s planing across the bay, at times almost jumping off the waves. We managed to swap crews around, and it really showed how club members, both adult and youth can sail together and enjoy this great sport. We learned and practiced how to reef at sea, trapeze, how to tack, and gybe in waves. We also learned how to right an inverted catamaran, that someone somehow managed to capsize, perhaps we don’t need to name the guilty helm !!
Then finally it was time to turn for home, but once we reached the river mouth, then it was time for a tow, so we learned all about that as well. It did take some time to get back to the club, but once ashore we were able to reflect on our adventures at sea.
We believe sessions like this are excellent events for all club sailors, and being joined by six youth sailors, who in some cases have only been sailing for a very short time, then we have demonstrated that with a small amount of encouragement, and support, it is possible to push off and go sailing during the weekends. It seems that there is a growing interest in this type of activity, o perhaps if anyone would like to join us, then watch the club newsletters for the next planned practice in October.
And thank you to everyone who helped out, and well done to the six youth sailors for getting out there and having a blast.

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