Dart 16 Training Session – 03/05/16


This was the second planned training day for multihulls. Inside the clubhouse 10 young sailors added their names to the list of people going afloat, this time we had a dart 18, all three club dart 16’s, a dart 15, and even a laser 2000 joining the fleet with a new club member wishing to gain experience with this dinghy.

Outside, the Felixstowe Ferry Sailing Club basked in glorious sunshine. Fair winds breezed across the beach, families crowded the Ferry jetty with their nets and the local crabs enjoyed another afternoon of swimming in buckets. It was a glorious scene and perfect sailing weather. In front of our clubhouse, a dart 16 was rolled over on the beach for Sam to explain to the excited audience the approved methods of righting a capsized catamaran.

The fleet eventually rigged up and we went to the Dip, accompanied by Miss Deben and Giles. This was a time to offer guidance and support to all those who are clearly keen to master catamaran sailing. Tacking, gybing, and keeping the multihulls moving quickly through the water is a fine art, and in many ways different to sailing monohulls. We also spent time with Simon, the new club member, in the Laser 2000, explaining how to sail a asymmetric dinghy.

In the safety boats, we had more training happening, with RYA qualified Powerboat instructors on board we were busy training club members towards completing their RYA Powerboat level 2 qualification. Someone else wanted to sail in a Dart 18, having never sailed in a catamaran, so we sorted that as well.

Sadly we ran out of time, but before heading back to the beach the offer of capsizing the catamarans was made, and the Dart 16’s were soon on their sides with their crews hanging off the righting lines. It was a fitting end to a fun packed afternoon, and eventually we returned to the beach to haul all the boats ashore.

These sessions are planned throughout the season, if you are interested in joining us afloat then please let us know, and we will see how we can help !!

-Paul Williams & Sam Rowell


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