Seamanship Race – Sunday 24th September


Dear all,

We are running a seamanship race during RNLI weekend, using our four Dart 16 catamarans. High water is at approx 1500 hrs, so we are aiming to run two races, between 1430 and 1530 hrs. Minimum two crew including the helm, per boat.
Briefly, this will be run off the beach in front of the club. Required skills will include launching, sailing two laps, coming alongside a moored boat, dropping off the crews, and sailing singlehanded round another lap before recovering the crews.
Man overboard buoys recovery, capsize and righting the catamarans, before returning to the beach and securing the man overboard buoys to a post using a bowline knot, therefore as a minimum the helm must be familiar with sailing catamarans.
Penalties will be added to the elapsed times in minutes, for any observed errors, for example failure to come alongside correctly will add two minutes to the elapsed time.
The boat/ crew who scores the shortest overall time will win the Seamanship cup.
We also would ask for Safety boat crews for two boats, plus if anyone has a launch to use as the moored vessel, then that would be really appreciated.
If you wish to have a go, or even are available to help on shore, or afloat, then please let myself, or Sam know, by email,

Paul Williams


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